Wednesday, 9 May 2007


I originally intended to write up a blog response to an Israeli article on Paradise Now, the purpose of which would have been to discuss any anti-semitism present in that movie and in other preceeding works from other nations. Time got taken up by other things with the result i never found enough time to go through the film making the sort of notes i felt i needed to do any such discussion justice.

I have however been watching a few other films with one mini-project on the go - namely watching all the Spike Lee films available here in the UK.

So far i've watched:

Sucker Free City
She's Gotta Have It
25th Hour

and i've got Bamboozled sat atop the dvd player waiting to be seen (actualy, i've tried to watch it once but the mood wasn't right so i'm waiting for a better moment to give it my full attention).

The other films i've got on the rental list to watch are:

Four Little Girls
Jungle Fever
Summer Of Sam
Malcolm X
Inside Man
Do The Right Thing
When The Levees Broke
He Got Game
She Hate Me

And there are a couple more the rental company should be stocking soon.

My intention is that after this mini-project is finished i'll blog something on the man and his filmography, then i'll do the same on another director whilst blogging entries on other interesting individual films i watch in the meantime.

Besides Spike's joints i've also seen The Devil's Backbone, which really isn't anywhere near as good as Pan's Labyrinth, Chabrol's Just Before Nightfall and France's entry to the Academy: Orchestra Seats. Syriana, Good Night And Good Luck and the first 2 Spider-Man films complete the rest of what's been on my idot box over the last few weeks.

Ciao, for now


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